Build Wars, Too
The REAL Hard Mode

Being fortunate enough to be an active Guild Wars player at the time of the release of what was then known as “oh god, why? mode”, I’ve encountered my share of frustrations.

I still remember to this very day the number of failed attempts in trying to create a team build in order to vanquish all of Tyria, Elona, and Cantha systematically. These days, even a Wammo could do it.. The biggest concerns at the time? 

  1. No overpowered PvE-Only skills
  2. Only one other human player (I’m sorry, but a properly managed and equipped hero is more able than the average Guild Wars player)
  3. When the one other human player wasn’t around, using the henchmen available in most outposts (ie. any of the Tyrian henchmen) led to sad faces

After many, many failed attempts, eventually a solid team build was found. I can hardly remember what the original version was at the time (before the wonderful Eye of the North skills came to the rescue), but I do remember one staple: the warrior wielding a scythe. The concept at the time was simple;

  • We have two warriors (my friend and I)
  • Lots and lots of monsters need to be interrupted
  • The only way to not get killed is to form a tight frontline from which monsters do not escape

What does this mean? This means that if you take a warrior, a scythe, skill, and Skull Crack, you will totally and legitimately own. That’s right. I was one of the first to discover this then-insane build, and along with team builds for monks, mesmers, and necromancers, my friend and I were able to vanquish all of Tyria, Cantha, and Elona before “oh god why? mode” became “hard mode”.

Here is a screenshot of the scythe build I have laying around on my warrior these days. Back in the day, the PvE-only skills were most likely replaced with "Watch Yourself!" and a signet of some sort. 


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